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Get ready for something new
in Canadian Intellectual Property

Amarok IP is formed on a base of experience and knowledge from some of the largest IP firms in Canada. From this base of knowledge we will forge a new path for both our Canadian clients and our Foreign Associates! Watch this space for further details.

Intellectual Property

Amarok IP is a boutique Intellectual Property firm with a difference. We learn your business and work to grow your business by protecting your IP in the most cost effective and productive way possible with an unending commitment to quality.

For Canadian clients, we protect your innovations and brands in Canada and Worldwide. You can be “hands-on” or “leave it to us” and always rest assured that we are taking care of your IP. Either way, you can always focus on your business growth and development and not have sleepless nights worrying about your IP.

For clients outside Canada, you can feel confident knowing that our work for Canadian clients gives us the tools to handle anything that comes our way in prosecution. We are not just an “incoming” firm because we have years of experience dealing with direct clients and various patent offices around the world.

With many years of experience at some of the oldest and biggest IP firms in Canada, we have the skills to protect your core technologies and brands that distinguish your business and provide you with a competitive edge.

Our commitments

IP means many things to different people, we provide the advice and assistance that you need for your particular circumstances.


We will use our years of experience to give you the best quality IP for the best price.

Fixed Fees

We will provide you with fixed fees so that there are no surprises when the invoice comes in.


We will keep you informed in a timely way of all activities on your matters. We are a boutique and can be more flexible and proactive in making sure that you are kept up to date


Each client is unique, we will work with you to determine the best way to work together to make the protection of your IP as smooth and seamless as possible.

What People Say About Us

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